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Our third visit to the United Arab Emirates led us far out into the desert, to Liwa Oasis, about 3 hours drive from Abu Dhabi.
Upon leaving Madinat Zayed you are truly in the Rub Al Khali desert (ربع الخالي‎) also known as the Empty Quarter. This is the second largest desert in the world, covering 650,000 square kilometers, which is approximately a third of the Arabian Peninsula. This huge sea of sand stretches all the way from the United Arab Emirates into Oman, Saudi Arabia & Yemen.
The great thing about the dunes of the Empty Quater is that you get unrestricted views of the sea of sand, with no power lines or roads to spoil the view. We recommend that you visit the Tal Moreeb area either early in the morning for sunrise, or late afternoon for sunset – this way it is not too hot and you can even attempt to climb the dunes if your up for it. Our experience is that walking in the sand is a lot harder than it looks & these dunes are BIG! Though, if you do make it to the top, you will be rewarded with one of the most beautiful views on earth, with an ocean of dunes below you looking like waves in the sea. If you stick around after the sun sets you will also be rewarded with a sky filled with stars (if its a clear day) as you’re far away from any light pollution or major towns out in the desert sands.
After the great experience in Liwa we treated ourselves to another stay at the beautiful Qasr al Sarab Desert Resort, about an hour drive from Liwa.
Like on our last visit it was heaven staying at Qasr al Sarab. The Resort is of utter beauty and the people are helpful and friendly. We surely come back for another visit.

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