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A trip to Ilulissat Greenland during midsummer when the sun never sets. Ilulissat is a small town on the west coast of Greenland and is the base to explore the Ilulissat Icefjord, a world heritage site. The Ilulissat Icefjord runs west 40 Km from the Greenland Icesheet to Disko Bay just south of Ilulissat town. The Sermeq Glacier that feeds the Icefjord is the most productive glacier in the Northern Hemisphere, moving 20-35 meter per day on average, producing 20 billion tons of icebergs each year.On breaking up the icebergs travel north with ocean currents, before turning south and running into the Atlantic Ocean. Larger icebergs typically do not melt before the reach 40-45 degrees north. That is further south than the UK and level with New York city.
We stayed at Paa and Jannik`s Bed and Breakfast, a great accommodation offering great views over Disko Bay. Thank you Jannik for a warm welcome.

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