Wonderful Planet Photography by Peter Heil | Tenerife Spain 2017
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Tenerife is the biggest and most visited island of the seven Canary Islands. Teide Nationalpark in the center of the island is home of Spains highest elevation, 3718 meter high Teide , the third largest volcano on earth measured from it's base. We hiked up to the summit on a full moon night. It was a great experience, walking alone in such an arid landscape with the absence of any sound. By the time we reached the summit area the wind was so strong that we were not able to carry on to the actual summit wich was only 15 minutes away from us.....
A little bit disappointed we started the descend but soon the joy of having done something outstanding prevailed.
Another highlight of Tenerife is located in the north of the island, the Anaga mountain range with it's ancient Laurel Forest. Walking through these forests is like walking through a painting.
One week was too short to explore all Tenerife has to offer but that is a reason to come back again one day.
Benijo BeachBenijo Beach Sunset

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