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Another trip to Tromsö region . This time we explored the beautiful coastline and fjords of Sommaroy and Senja Island. This time of the year the sun sets for only an hour or two, leaving the landscape in a dream like twighlight. It is a magical time to explore the mountains and fjords as you won`t see another soul around. We were lucky enough to be able to do some hiking during the twighlight and it was just fantastic.
Also fantastic were our two accomodations. On Senja Island we stayed at Mefjord Brygge in a cosy little house. The second week we spent at Lauklines Kystferie in a fantastic Cabin overlooking the fjord.
FreedomHillesoySommaroySunset by Karin HeilMidnightsun by Karin HeilSunset Storm by Karin HeilGrotfjordPerfect ReflectionSteinfjordErsfjordErsfjordTungenesetSunrise BergsbotnSommaroyView towards Hamn i SenjaView towards SenjaLooking down into SteinfjordBergsbotn Twighlight

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