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After been to Iceland twice during the time of the midsummer night , we decided that our next trip to Iceland would be in winter.
Main goal was to see Northern Lights and the Orcas that come to the fjords between january and march to feed on the herring.
Naturally this is a trip that can only be succesful with some luck on your side. To be able to see Northern Lights you need sun activity and a clear nightsky wich is not a safe bet when you know the icelandic weather.
The same is true for the Orcas. You need some luck to be at the right place at the right time as they roam a huge area and only occasionally come into the fjords.
As you can see we were lucky with both our goals and we couldn't have been more happy.
Already on our arrival day we were able to see those magical lights dancing around a starry night sky. It's hard to describe this lightshow. It is changing constantly in intensity,color and shape and it just makes you stand in awe.
On our second day we saw three Orcas in a fjord,only about 200 meters from the shores.To experience Orcas roaming a fjord and hunt in a group right in front of you is something you won't ever forget.
What we also never forget is the weather. We had all seasons in one week, sometimes even in one day. There were constantly snow storms rushing in from the sea, and the wind made it sometimes impossible to even get out of the car. But this furious, ever changing conditions created magical light, although it sometimes only lasted a few moments. But it was enough to get the pictures we wanted.
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