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New pictures from a trip to Shieldaig and Loch Torridon in the Scottish Highlands. The area is situated on the west coast of Scotland,in Wester Ross.
The mountains around Loch Torridon are among the highest peaks in the UK ,reaching nearly 1000 meters in height and they are among the oldest mountains in the world.Compared to the Torridon Hills the Alps are toddlers. The rocks and sandstone layers visible in the area date back 2 to 3 billion years,a time when life on earth only got started.During our visit we stayed at Minch View cottage in Shieldaig. A lovely place and a good base to explore the great scenery that surrounds Shieldaig.
Shieldaig SunsetLoch Torridon SunsetUpper Loch TorridonShieldaig SunriseLoch TorridonShieldaigShieldaigShieldaig SunriseMorning MistEikean Donan CastleRoad to ArdheslaigEilean Donan Castle by Karin HeilShieldaig VillageGlen TorridonLoch MareGlen TorridonLoch Torridon

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