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This trip took us far north, beyond the arctic circle to the beautiful Lofoten Islands in Norway.
This time of the year is fantastic for photography as the sun only sets for about two to three hours leaving the landscape in a magical twighlight that seems to last forever. The downside of it is that one hardly get some sleep.....
Some days we were out shooting nearly 15 hours, then had a few hours sleep and went out again.
But it was fun and it was also a magical experience to be out there all alone at 3am watching the sunrise
When we arrived there was still snow on the mountains and the lakes were still frozen. On our first week we stayed in Svolvaer on the island of Vestagoy ,then on our second week we moved south to the fishing village of Reine on Moskenesoya.
There we stayed at Reine Rorbuer, where we had a cabin overlooking the fjord. A lovely place to stay and we surely come back again one day.
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