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Another winter trip to Iceland. Words can`t describe the beauty of Iceland. Winter is a magical time to visit Iceland. There are only 4 hours of daylight but the light is so soft and spectacular that it gives you more opportunities for photography than a sunny twelve hour day elsewhere.
If you are lucky with the weather of course. The weather can be ,and quite often is, rough and furious. But during calm spells it is just wonderful.
This time we had clear skies most of the nights but still had only one chance to shoot Northern Lights. Solar activity was very low during the course of our stay and hence not much activity in the sky either.
But the nightsky was incredible. Billions of stars were visible, even our neighbour galaxy alpha centauri, 4.3 lightyears away, was visible to the naked eye.
Another reason to visit Iceland in winter was the fact that we wanted to see Orcas. And we did. A group of at least 6 Orcas hunted in a fjord on 5 consecutive days.
Already on our first day we saw them swim into the fjord from the open sea .
We were standing on a low bridge spanning over the fjord from were we saw them swim right underneath us. Awesome!
Unfortunately they stayed inside the fjord hunting for the rest of the week.
We were able to see them every day but they were never close enough for decent pictures. Maybe next time.
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