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Orcas and Northern lights, that was the goal for this trip to northern Norway. The pictures do not show how terrible the weather was during this trip . We had three days out of ten where we had perfect conditions that allowed us to go out shooting. Some days we had such a heavy wind that we could not even get out of our accommodation. Thank good we stayed at Lauklines and Mefjord Brygge , two great accommodations that offer views and cosy cabins so the days indoors were very relaxing. Our whale watching tour with Explore the Arctic, was cancelled three times in a row due to heavy winds that made it impossible to go out. That was hard as we could see the Orcas roam the fjord from our cabin. Then on the fourth day we finally were able to start our whale watching trip. And it was fabulous. We saw many groups of Orcas and one Humpback whale. The whole trip was four hours and we enjoyed every minute of it.
Same with the Northern Lights. We only got the chance two times during the trip. One was very brief and only took only an hour but a few days later we finally had a clear night and Northern Lights that lasted for hours.
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